Sunday, 18 December 2016

Japan 2016 - Leaving Tokyo

its our last day in japan. our 2-week holiday is nearing its end. it was a really full 2 weeks. i've never felt so tired as i did on this trip.

we were quite subdued the morning before we were scheduled to check out. the boys entertained themselves, i was trying to finish up the food we bought - mainly eggs and bread and a couple of snacks and the leftover kebab from dinner, as well as amira's last tub of fish pie.
did amira grow rounder during this two-weeks?

daytime view of the sky tree...beautiful sunny day

we left the apartment at exactly 11am as we needed to catch the metro to aoto and then change to the keisei line that would take us to narita. its a pretty good route, the apartment to kuramae isn't far (and kuramae has an entrance with a lift), the platform is not too big (although we needed to carry the luggage up a flight of stairs), at aoto we did not need to change platform (both tracks from kuramae and to narita were next to each other) and then at narita it was escalator all the way. not too bad and not too tiring.

next time we travel it would be backpacks for everyone

we went to the check-in counter to check-in amira and the luggage. the ANA ground staff were wonderful. we were asked to check-in at the special assistance counter because we had a baby and they settled our luggage for us. they even loaned us a stroller we could use all the way to the gate. amira was a confused - what is this thing i'm sitting on.

we had a lot of time before our boarding time. the ground staff let us in via special entrance and immigration was quick. we spent a bit of time looking for last minute souvenirs and lunch (mcd again!) before going off to the kids' play area near the boarding gate.

the flight home was packed, as was the outgoing flight. amira was hyper, yet again and was passed between hubby and me the entire journey.

we got home at 2am that day, all tired and sleepy and hot! alhamdulillah, it was a wonderful trip. extremely packed and we were constantly on the move but the boys enjoyed the holiday thoroughly.


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